Workshop Sample: Argument as Questions and Assertions

Research Paper Assignment from Julie Markin’s GRW.



Section Draft Due: March 26                                                            30 points

Rough Draft Due: April 2                                                                        25 points


Final REVISED Paper Due: April 9                                                80 points

            **A hard copy is due in class, and you must also submit an electronic copy to**


The research assignment is designed to engage you in scholarly research and the process of academic presentation of your independent research.

As such, your paper should be a critical analysis of your topic and should:
[1] Clearly describe your research question/topic and assertions

[2] Provide ample support for your assertions or critiques through appropriate archaeological or historical reports, journal articles, theoretical pieces, etc.

[3] Recognize and address any evidence that might provide a contrary position

[4] Concisely summarize the results of your analysis and any suggestions for future research that might improve our understanding of your topic


Papers are expected to be 7-10 pages in length with standard margins (1 inch) and font (Courier is NOT acceptable).  Full references [minimum of eight, 5 must be scholarly] included at the end of the paper and citations made throughout the body of the paper must follow the American Psychological Association format (see Hacker pp.463-483.)


Grading Criteria:


As a piece of scholarly inquiry, your research paper will be graded most heavily (50%) in regard to its content.  Content is comprised of a clear research question/topic, and, most critically, of adequate and appropriate evidence to address and/or support your research topic/question.  Ungrounded or unsubstantiated assertions will negatively affect your grade – utilize your references to ground and support your assertions.



Writing competency will constitute the second largest portion (30%) of your grade.  Competency will assess how well your paper flows and holds together as a whole.  Thus, pay attention to transitions, sentence fragments and run-ons, and parallelism with arguments.  Also, be sure that your paper clearly follows a logical progression of ideas (e.g. from more general to more specific or from specific to generalizations).  There must be an internal consistency to your paper in which your arguments clearly relate to your main research topic/question and flow well from one to the next.


Accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation

One point will be deducted for each spelling, grammar, or punctuation error.  Proofread and edit your final product BEFORE turning in your assignment.


Appropriate length and format

A paper that is too short in length likely will not be able to clearly and appropriately develop a research question, provide adequate evidence to support research assertions, and coherently summarize research findings.


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