Faculty Development Seminar: The Revision of Writing

Faculty Development Seminar: The Revision of Writing

May 20, 2015 | Washington College

Sponsors: Barbara and George Cromwell Center for Teaching and Learning, the Director of Writing, and The Writing Center.

Seminar Leaders: John Boyd, Director of the Writing Center; Sean Meehan, Director of Writing

Seminar Guidelines: This one-day seminar guides faculty in developing and revising assignments and syllabi for First-Year Writing and Writing Intensive courses. The seminar will combine reading and discussion of best practices in writing pedagogy with hands-on work applying those practices to the revision and development of assignments and curriculum for a course identified by each participant. The intent is to provide the attention needed to develop and rethink assignments that can enhance our process in teaching writing, in a small-group setting, with time to get some work done outside the flux of the semester. Participants will meet on campus for sessions that will include discussion of selected texts (read in advance), and work sessions guided by the seminar leaders

The seminar will run from 9-4.30, with lunch included; participants will receive a $250 stipend for participating in the seminar. Some reading in advance of the seminar will be required, with materials provided. A follow-up discussion will be planned for some point during the academic year to share lessons and experiences from the seminar and the resulting course development.

This seminar is open to any instructor teaching a Writing Intensive course or a First-Year Writing Course (ENG 101 or GRW 101). This can be a course taught in the past year, a course that will be offered in the coming year, or a new course you are planning to propose.

Application: Please submit the brief application (attached), identifying your interest and the course/assignments you would be interested in developing and revising during the workshop. Send an email with the application to Sean Meehan, Director of Writing,, by Monday, May 4. We scheduled the workshop this year earlier than last year, in an attempt to accommodate faculty whose summer travel and research plans take them away from campus in June. If you have an interest in the workshop but can’t attend this summer, let me know in any case, particularly if there is a different time of summer that you would like to see this workshop offered. Although we would love to see and hear from last year’s very energetic participants, we are going to restrict participation to instructors who did not have the opportunity to attend last year.


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