Washington College Review, 2.0

The Washington College Review: A Journal for Inquiry and Expression in the Liberal Arts and Sciences will be re-launched in Spring 2017 as a digital magazine featuring exemplary student writing that emerges from our writing courses across the curriculum, from First Year Seminars through the Senior Capstone Experience. The contents of WCR will focus on the four requirements of the College’s writing program.


Critical Inquiry. W1: Writing from GRW/First Year Seminar (this could include multi-media projects).

Rhetorical Questions. W2: Writing from the variety of W2 courses.

 Writing Across the Disciplines. W3: Work from Discipline-Based approaches to Writing in the Majors.

 Capstone Experiences. W4: Writing from Senior Capstone Projects. In addition, we plan to have visual works from the Arts, expanding our conception of graphic expression.


Now Accepting Submissions. Send your work (include your name and the course from which the work emerged) to: washcoll_review@washcoll.edu


Fall Deadline: December 16, 2016

Additional Submissions accepted later in Spring 2017


Editorial Board

Sean Meehan, Director of Writing

James Hall, Board of Publications/Director of the Literary House

Managing Editor (Student Intern-TBD)

Associate Editor for Media & Design (Student Intern-TBD)


Faculty Advisory Board

John Boyd, Director of the Writing Center

Heather Harvey, Humanities and Fine Arts

Aaron Lampman, First Year Seminars, Social Sciences

Nathaniel Schwartz, Natural Sciences and Mathematics


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